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Are you looking for a really funny Christmas gift? or an hilarious birthday present? Are you a prankster that loves to have fun at other peoples expense?  Then look no further. Prank a lot caters for all of this and more.  We are a prank store that aims to bring you the very best funny pranks and adult novelty gifts for all occasions.  We also stock a range of bachelor and bachelorette gifts, along with pranks for kids. Navigate around our site by product, or search for the best practical jokes by simply checking out our pages or categories.   Enjoy! 


Our Most Popular Funny Prank Products

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toilet Slam Dump Game

Novelty Toilet Slam Dump Game

$21.43 $19.99
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fake pregnancy test

Right Time Fake Pregnancy Test Always Turns Positive

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Talking Toilet Roll Holder

Recordable Talking Toilet Roll Holder

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fake parking ticket prank

Full Size Fake Parking Ticket Prank

$12.99 $9.99
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Like Button (Features 10 Hilarious Like Phrases)

Like Button (Features 10 Hilarious Like Phrases)

$12.99 $11.99

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 Here at prankalot we know that there just isn’t enough fun in this boring and sensible world. So to bring some much needed laughter and sometimes humiliation to everyone, we bring you some of the funniest practical jokes and the best pranks & gags on the planet to put a smile on your face. Check out categories below highlighting just a few of these, In the best funny pranks store you will find the funniest Practical jokes and Gags to play on your friends and family, the best adult novelty gifts, bathroom humor games and general all round crazy and bizarre stuff.  So!  if you love them! buy them! 

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Check out or live list of the best pranks that we are selling.  This list is constantly updating, so be sure to check back regularly to see how everyone else is pranking

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Here you will find the funniest practical jokes and the best funny pranks and gags that other people have played. we have the best videos, pictures and memes. Spare a thought for some of these poor souls who are forever etched on the world wide web 

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Are you looking for some funny gifts for Christmas or sticking fillers ? or some prank gifts for birthday presents, then you have come to the right place.  Check out our latest prank products added to our vaults 

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