prank packs

Prank Packs

The creators of prank packs are dedicated to bringing a little bit of deception to peoples lives.  On the face of it the receiver of the prank gift will get a new and innovative product. The type of thing that looks really clever and cool.  However, when they open the box, the true crappy and inexpensive present you bought them will be presented. 

Examples of some of the boxes include, the rotowipe.  A make believe invention that will clear your nether regions whilst you sit on the toilet.  a bit like a rotating toilet brush.  Imagine the chaffing burns.  Ouch!!  Or the cheese printer.  Once again a make believe prank pack that claims to print your face, or any image onto a slice of cheese.   See the faces of people when they open up their Birthday or Christmas present only to find that it is completely fake.  

So take a step into the unknown this year and buy your friends or love ones something really funny and stupid, and start embracing your life as someone that loves pranks and practical jokes. 

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