Here at we love to make people laugh.  And there is no better way of doing this than by carrying out Pranks, Gags and practical jokes on other people. So we have collated a huge range of these for you to explore and buy.   We all know that Christmas and birthdays can get really stressful if you can’t think of anything to buy, so why not do something different this year and add some much needed humor into your life, and have a laugh at someone elses expense. is part of a range of websites developed by Mark Beddau. Mark has been responsible for creating several large humor websites ranked in the top 100 hundred around the world.  This includes., and

But more recently, Mark has been focusing on creating some of the best websites selling weird and unusual things from around the world.  You can see some of these below. 

Our Vision:

Our goal is to provide you with, the best quality, exclusivity and selection of unique and down right funny products for the absolute best price! If they products in our prank store don’t make us laugh, then we don’t sell them.


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