Why pranks are good for the soul?

You saw the “give your pet less food and see their reaction Prank” on social media – which is lit these days (do people even say “LIT” anymore?). Let’s just say that you pulled this prank but your cat wasn’t happy and now, it has been three days since your cat has started showing weird aggression towards you. Even when you sleep at night, all you hear are her growls and her edgy nails on your shin – but you love her and there is nothing you can do about it. Do you recall that you were this cat once? Remember when your ex-girlfriend played the “cheating with someone” prank on you? You almost died and hated her so much. Well, if you were a cat, I am pretty sure you would have growled and scratched the life out of her as well, so man up and deal with it. Also, I am really sorry if you are recalling everything that you and your ex used to do together just because I made you recall her… it happens to the best of us. I once got chea…. Never mind, this isn’t my part of the story yet.

If I were here to tell you what a person needs, I would just say a warm bath which ends up with a romantic “love-making” session at the end, but I am not here for that. I am here to tell you what our soul longs for and to all the people pulling their hair out while saying “our soul needs sex as well” you guys need to calm down. To break the ice, our soul needs irony holding hands with some heavy drama kills, humor, the ability to hide your laugh, and at the end, the art of not being suspicious – all in all, we need Pranks in our life to boost our acceleration.

Humor builds a prank:

Humor isn’t what we thought it was when we were in high school. All the boys who sat in the backseats of class and made everyone laugh when a nerdy guy stuttered while reading a paragraph – that wasn’t humor at all. That was something we call “being a sharp pain in the A$$”.

Humor is an important part of the behavioral and emotional systems that sustains life. It is important for people to smile sometimes because as the world we know, sadness and traumatizing things always come free. Having a little petty and sharp humor is good for an uplifting mood and can-do wonders to your mental health. It can also bring many other benefits to people’s normal life. “Humor of course breaks the ice,” said Edith Turner, an anthropologist at the University of Virginia. “One has a sense that laughter itself is a welcoming in, a recognition …it conveys what cannot be put into words.”

 Do you remember how you grew up pranking your mom and your siblings, aah I would do anything to go back in time and change those dumb pranks into very smart ones. All the time you invested pranking your blood relations and fun relations (friends), let me tell you that it didn’t go in vain – it helped with bonding. And after all, having fun and playing pranks with others can help you build social relationships because laughter itself can reduce stress and aid your health.

Just imagine a person from your group who is considered the driest, non-humorous type. He comes to your house on a Sunday and goes like “Hey James, I am planning to prank Marry on the coming Wednesday at the trip to Disney Land” and once he’s done, you are just left in utter shock on how this guy could ever possibly pull a prank. Will he go like hey, I dipped your banana in soy sauce? My GOD!

Pranks are good for your SOUL:

There are always two extremes to everything. Just like you are either funny or beautiful (no offense), the same law is applied to the creative category of Pranks. While the light-hearted pranks are mostly forgotten and they don’t make their marks so prominent – the extreme ones have caused students getting expelled, marriages getting broken and relationships being destroyed – so the only thing that can make a prank fun and safe is when you are respecting boundaries. You can’t just make fun of someone’s weaknesses and cover it in the name of a prank – there should be the right way to do things.

Pranks can actually bring out the lighter and good side of our personality and can help people bond better. They should never be the reason for damages in anyone’s life. Has anyone ever heard of the ass spray prank? That is one of the hilarious ones I have pulled on someone. I asked my friend to recommend me good ice cream and when they did, I told them it tasted like ass. She didn’t believe it as it is one of her favorite ice cream brands. And then I got her to taste it with some ass spray! Well, guess who is never having Ice cream again? Definitely her.

More reasons to prank:

No matter what I say, there are always a majority of people who take pranks as a negative thing even when they don’t cause any damage. There are some great people who can take humor and enjoy the process of being parked – while some find it highly disrespectful. However, we cannot deny that this activity brings many benefits. So, whether it’s covering your friend’s car with toilet paper or using a fake pregnancy test prank on your boyfriend, there is always something great and fun that comes to the surface and the following are the reason why pranking can be great for the soul.

·It makes people feel valued:

Yes, pranks are funny and brutal. A well-structured prank can definitely shock people but at the end of the day, it is going to be the thought that someone took out time and put in the effort to prank someone specific. Years from now, the reason why you pranked someone might be forgotten but the tag of “being pranked” always stays with people for a very long time. It is very true to say that pranking someone makes them feel valued and special even if it is embarrassing and a little awkward in the start.

·Gives them the best Medicine – Laughter:

It might be very cliché but maybe the scientist did their work when they said that laughter is the best medicine (but it doesn’t mean that you go and start hysterically laughing at someone who is terminally ill. Come on, SUSAN!). The meaning of a practical joke is to spark that flame of fun and laughter. Nobody pranks with an intention to hurt someone and for the people who do, boo on you! Whether it is those pranks that your father pulled on you when you were young or how you texted your real crush “I love you” and covered it by calling it a prank – it all made people laugh. So, whoever says that pranking is wrong, these people don’t know how hilarious the reaction of people is when they see a fake floating poop in their pool.

·Adds to your creativity:

If being a prankster was a full-time job, I and a lot of people would take this opportunity in a heartbeat. Pranking someone isn’t simple – it is a job that only people with great minds and high creativity can do. I am pretty sure we have all seen pranks that were not even slightly funny to start with, but oh well. To all the people who say that it is easy to pull a prank, you need to STFU… I mean “stuff the fish up”. The amount of creativity that goes into a prank, meets no ends. You need to formulate a scheme, take into several factors like time, location, your victim’s mood, etc., to be able to construct it perfectly, and trust me when I say that not many people have the patience or skills to do all these things. The process of pranking also stimulates the imagination of those in your plan. Their wisdom will also grow through suggestions and contributions to your plan by adding more fine details. So, pranking someone can boost up your creative side – making you think of things you never knew you were capable of.

·Gives you more to remember:

Tell me what would you remember when you are 80 years old with joint pain? Yeah, probably the fact that you lived your life through a blurry passage of time which somehow weirdly doesn’t add up to anything. You won’t remember all the time you ditched your plans and stayed home, you will remember the fun you had, the time where people laughed with you, and the moments in which you were appreciated because of that master prank you pulled so smoothly. Yes, there are many different ways of making memories but there are only a few things that can stay in your memory for a long time. One of those things is the people you fell in love with, all the times you farted with your headphones on, and the moments you pranked someone.

Close your eyes and try to recall the best prank you have ever pulled on someone – has it even gotten 1% blurry? No, because it happened, people laughed, and it was so accurate and timely fixed that it stayed in your heart and others. (especially the poor soul you pranked). So, go out and live while pranking people who ae dear to you – because we really don’t want to be sitting in our rolling chair and choking on our own saliva while we can’t recall anything that made us laugh back in the days.

·It gives you balls and makes you feel the thrill of teaching lesson:

We all have pranked someone who we wanted to get back at in a lighter way. Like pulling a prank on your cheating friend by telling him that you saw his girl cheating on him can teach him the instant pain and heartbreak the news and action can bring to someone who is being cheated on. So, for what it is best, pranks can not only be with the intention of embarrassing or shocking someone out of fun – they can also give people life-long lessons and make them realize stuff on a deeper note. Even when the prank is over, they might cling on to the feeling and nature of it for a very long time.

Other than the lesson part, pranking can also give us balls. No, stop imagining the fun of having real balls if you are a girl, I didn’t mean literally. What I meant was that it helps you get over things that you thought were too hard to bring to the surface. It really helps build the bond and let you guys have a connection which can’t be talked out without going through a fit of laughter.

Final Verdict:

Let’s hold out our middle finger…. No, that would be a bit too aggressive. Let’s just “Ew” people who try to be the Prank police and tell you how pranking Is bad for us because if I could get a billboard made of positive things about pranking, I would definitely hang at least one in front of everyone’s house who talks poop about these practical jokes and everything they bring.

Since we know why pranking is good for our soul, I really think we should get the pranking spirit in ourselves turned on. Keep in mind, hurting someone and causing damage is never a good thing and no one should be unkind and cover it by calling it a prank. We should keep reminding ourselves that It is a world fully packed of haters and we all are here to make things better for everyone – we are here for fun, laughter, excitement, and sizzle of spicy pranks here and there.

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