The Best Pranks to Play on Your Dad

Pranking anyone is good, however, pranking a member of your family is even better. And pranking your dad is even better. Therefore, what you require is a comprehensive list of all of the best pranks to pull on your dad. Luckily for you, Prankalot has that exact list and all you have to do is read below and find out for yourself.

The Best Pranks to Play on Your Dad

1. The Old Switcharoo

This is just a simple swap prank, however, this one is a little more discreet than some other swap pranks. If there is one thing that your dad always does, it is shave. Every morning your dad shaves and every morning there is an opportunity to prank him. This is what Prankalot recommend. Swap his shaving foam for whipped cream. Obviously you will need the stuff that comes in a can- partly because it is cheaper and also because it comes in can form. Now, to actually do the prank, you are going to need to either get the whipped cream from one can to another or simply swap the labels- for the sake of effort, we recommend just swapping the labels. From there you might need to do a few little touches to make it look realistic.

Once you have done that, just wait till your dad has a shave next, and watch the chaos. Be prepared for shouting and a lot of fun.

2. Salt for Sugar, Sugar for Salt

This is a classic prank and one that can be done on any member of your family not just your dad. However, Prankalot suspect that you will get an even better reaction out of your dad. All you need to do for this is swap sugar for salt, salt for sugar or even both. However, when you do this, you must be wary that your salt is of a similar consistency to your sugar. Otherwise it may give the game away. Once you have made the swap you have two options- you could insinuate the prank yourself by offering to make a cup of tea (make sure you put the fake sugar in it), or you could wait for someone to fall into your trap naturally. It requires little effort but makes for a great prank.

3. Put His Alarm Clock Forward an Hour

Most clocks will allow you to change the time manually. This opens you up to a world of pranking fun. Most dads will use an alarm clock so they can wake up on time and go to work. However, wouldn’t it be fun if you changed the time on the clock to show an hour in the future. The time that the alarm goes off has not changed, just the time that the clock displays. So, next time your dad wakes up, he will still wake up at the normal time. Except, he will think he is massively late and send him into a bit of a panic. Make sure to tell him at some point though.

4. Key Swap

Many of these pranks seem simple and ineffective, however, swapping things can make for a great prank. And this one is no different. There is nothing more annoying than when two things that look similar are swapped so that you cannot tell the difference- it is even more annoying when you cannot even get out of your own house or unlock your car. That is exactly the result of this prank. All you need to do is to gather together all the keys in the house and mix them up- but different keys on different keychains. And that is it. Guaranteed chaos will be achieved via this prank, just make sure that you know which key belongs to who afterwards- otherwise, it may become a bit of an issue.

5. Pretend Destruction

There is nothing more hated by parents then when valuable things are damaged. That also means that it makes for a great prank as well. For this prank you are going to need a little bit of tech smarts and a whole lot of acting. Find your dads computer- it could be a laptop or a desktop it does not matter. Once you have this you are going to want to access the settings menu and in particular, the background settings. Then, find a picture of a smashed screen off of Google images and add that as the computers background. Now you are all set, just pretend to smash the screen, call your dad over and enjoy the fireworks. This has to be one of the best pranks to play on your dad so why not give it a try?

6. Battery Thief

There is nothing worse than picking up the TV remote and it not working, then finding that you do not have any spare batteries to replace the ones that do not work. That is exactly the kind of situation that you are going to create. If you know your dad loves to watch TV at a certain time, make sure that the batteries to the remote mysteriously disappear along with the spares. This will undoubtedly cause mayhem in the house and will have your dad raging. You could even take it a stage further and remove all of the batteries from all every appliance in the house- this will be even more annoying and will prank not just your dad, but the entire household as well.

7. A “Magic Trick”

Magic tricks are a great way to prank someone- especially when that magic trick is set up for a prank. For this, you will need a full water bottle, a coin and an empty promise. Call your dad over and tell him about this new magic trick you have found where you can make a coin disappear. Put the coin under the full bottle of water and say that you can make it disappear. This next stage is vital- tell him that he should look at the coin through the top so he can make sure it is there. Then, squeeze the bottle as hard as you can and absolutely soak your dad. If executed correctly, this will be a prank for the ages.

8. Small but Annoying

Small changes are often the most annoying, here at Prankalot, we know that more than anyone. However, it also means that you can utilise this to better your pranks and this prank is built around that fact. We are sure that your dad has certain things that he loves, things that must be a certain way otherwise he becomes very annoyed. Why not mess with that a little and tweak those things so that they are not as they are normally. You could even move them altogether. Not only will this confuse your dad but it may also release an inner rage that will most definitely provide some entertainment. Another great laugh and one of the best pranks to play on your dad

9. Empty House

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you moved everything out of the house? Or even just one room? Well, this prank is exactly that and will involve a lot of heavy lifting, but, if you can pull it off then it makes for a very good prank. This make take some time so you will need to leave plenty of time, or speed up the process by hiring some friends to help. You will want to take everything from one room and hide it somewhere- it could be somewhere as simple as another room or as complex as a storage locker. Then hide and wait for your unsuspecting dad to walk in and see what you have done.

10. Prank Call

This is something that Bart Simpson has been doing since the 90s and it still makes for a great prank. It is advisable to actually get out of the house for this prank because if you are in the house when the call is made then you run the risk of being caught. Once you are out of the house, you are going to want to think of something that is funny- either think of a funny name that you can pretend to be called (like Amanda Hugnkiss) or pretend to be one of those infuriating insurance salesman. Either way you will definitely achieve the desired affect. It is also advisable to put on an accent or to get a friend to talk as you dad may well recognise your voice on the pone regardless of what you pretend your name to be. And that is that, prank away.

That brings us to the end of this article and the end of the best pranks to play on your dad. However, do not fear because there are plenty of other pranks that can be found on Prankalot and all you need to do is just check out any one of our great articles. We thank you very much for your support and we cannot wait to see you on the next one.

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