Best Pranks To Pull Off At Christmas

I know you are probably sitting in your rolling chair and all you can feel is your gut screaming out of your lungs as you are searching the internet for some fun to have on Christmas. Yes, I know that it is meant to be a great day for your little kids and crazy friends – but for you, any day where you have a bag of Doritos next to you is considered a great say. So, nothing really changes for you. You surf around the internet but you are holding yourself from typing in the word Prank before the word Christmas – because it seems kind of wrong. Close your eyes and tell me if it really feels wrong? Or can you be the cool dad, friend, and uncle by pulling off some crazy pranks and making the day memorable? Well, since you are here, I know you are the cool one out.

I am not sure how a person who is getting duped feels, (I mean they definitely feel targeted and embarrassed even when they feel good that we remembered them), but I am pretty sure that the person who is pulling the shocker prank, he feels like the king of the world. I remember having those days where I felt like I controlled my niece and the way she cried – I was happy but then she understood that it was a prank. So, if you see my niece growing up and turning into a great prankster, just remember that I taught her everything she needed to know.

Christmas is the best time for Pranks:

Please don’t be one of those people who can’t even take the H of Humor. Because if gotten the opportunity, I would really like to seal the mouth of such people with eternity glue so they don’t kill the vibe of us pranksters. So, back to the topic of Christmas and pranks. Well, if you look at it with an open mind and eyes, you would know that we are actually pranking our kids by making them believe that Santa is real – isn’t that a prank in itself? so, why can’t we just make this day even better by making everyone laugh and lighten the whole aura of this holiday? I remember pulling off some great pranks on Christmas and I am pretty sure everyone remembers them clearly. 2 years ago, I dressed up as Santa, and as soon as my niece came down, she saw me eating the candies out of her gift box as I laid comfortably on the ground. Yeah, you can say that it wasn’t a good sight and she got scared of Santa for a while but she laughs at it till now and we still bond really great.

So, let’s all be the heroes of this year’s Christmas. Since 2020 has been hard on all of us, why don’t we just make it lighter by making everyone laugh a little louder at something silly? Down below are a few incredible Christmas prank ideas.

Prank Ideas for Christmas:

1. The naughty route:

Well, who doesn’t like a little bit of fun here and there and especially when it is sparked by a little naughtiness? Ask my first ever girlfriend, how dumb I was just because I was not naughty at all. I would say “aw stop it” every time she tried flirting with me… so yeah, you guys can say that I learned the hard way but I am sure I have earned my naughtiness.

If you get called to your boyfriend, guy friend, or crush’s family party on Christmas, getting him a gift would be needed, right? Well, worry no more because I have a great idea for that. Get him a box and add a few heavy stones in it. Write him a note which says “If you Jingle my Bells, I’ll give you a White Christmas” and just leave it for him or her to open in front of everyone. One thing is for sure, in order for you to pull this prank, you have to make sure that you guys are comfortable around each other – and can definitely take the joke. 

Right when he opens the box and his parents are waiting for your present to be revealed, the embarrassing look on his face will win the show. Yes, it will be embarrassing and he might get a little off, but you can always hit him with a lame explanation of the writing in that paper. Or hide another paper inside it which says “it’s a prank”.

2. The eggcellent prank:

You might have heard about people pulling excellent pranks and leaving everyone speechless, but this one would be called an eggcellent prank. Okay so listen close and make sure you pull everything according to the plan. Get some dark chocolate from your nearby local store and melt it with coconut oil so that it glistens like your pretty smile. Once the chocolate is properly melted, get yourself some eggs and now it is time to dip them eggs in chocolate. Make sure they are properly well coated and not a single spot of white sees through. After giving those white eggs a brown chocolaty bath, it is now time to do what we do best – Sugarcoat. Sprinkle your colorful sprinkles and make sure you let them cool down in the deep freezer for about 30 minutes.

Take your frozen chocolate balls and serve them when everyone is opening their presents from

 Santa. Make sure you have a camera in your hand so you are recording these priceless reactions from everyone around. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that just don’t freeze the egg inside. We just need to set the chocolate and not egg or else, the prank will be ruined along with your excitement.

3. The heavenly roses:

I think we all know what value a pretty little bouquet wrapped with love and care shows. It defines utter beauty and makes sure that the person feels cherished by this act of love. Don’t we see in movies how receiving a bouquet can make people glow up as if they have had the best orgasm of their life? It almost feels too dramatic because I never thought that receiving a flower bouquet would be better than having the best orgasm of your life.

So, if you are thinking of giving someone a special bouquet of flowers on Christmas but want it to be fun – all you have to is change the smell. Get a red flower, roses, or anything that would just turn the person into their “awing” state. And also, get a cover-up glass which could make the flower breathes, keep it safe and make it look prettier around the house. The other thing you need to get is the good old ass spray, trust me it would be hilarious. Next, just be generous when you are spraying the flower with the best smell in the world “ass spray” and cover it in the glass. Dress well and look extra hot while you hold that transparent flower glass box and walk towards the person and let them have the worst sniff of their lives. I mean, is it bad that I am laughing and feeling good that someone will have to go through this, damn, that would be epic.

4. For the guy who gets laid all the time:

We all have at least one friend who is great in bed (at least he says that he is) and he has this weird habit of bragging about his charms. I know, someone really popped into your head as you read that line. I know we all want to teach a lesson to people like these so here is the one I can offer.

Get an unused condom. Yes, you heard me right. Once you have gotten your hands on that useful piece of rubber, wash it thoroughly and loosen it. Make sure you get everything out. You must be wondering why do you have to wash an unused condom – trust me you do because it’s 2020 and we got to wash almost everything. Once you are done with that, it is time for you to get a cupcake. No stop, it is not for you to munch down like you have been munching on everything since the morning. Make a hole at the bottom of the cupcake from down below, and stuff that washed, unused condom inside the cupcake. Now it is time to cover the hole with the same sponge you took out and make it look as if it was never touched. Add extra toppings to your cupcake to make it look more attractive and offer for eating! I think we all have an idea about what is going down if that happens. After all, what is worse than biting into a creepy condom inside a deadly looking cupcake. So, there are always different ways to teach lessons.

5. The Oreo Swap:

I mean yeah, when it is time for celebration, there is always something sweet around the house to munch on as you guys drink hot chocolate mocha while being all comfy in your beds. I don’t know about you guys but my heart screams Oreo whenever someone talks about something sweet to eat, but what about making things fun and having a good time when you are enjoying your Christmas holidays?

We can switch the Oreo game up a notch. Get yourself some Oreos and you know the drill; the cream has to be scrapped out for the prank to work. I am not really a fan of repeating old dusty pranks so the toothpaste idea needs to go out the door. Also, in my opinion, I think the smell of toothpaste being replaced with Oreo cream makes the whole thing too obvious that people don’t even bite in and just because of that, it gets ruined. So, in order for the prank to be the greatest hit, we are ditching toothpaste and introducing something even grosser, and that is MAYONAISE. Yes, I gagged a little in my mouth too, what a cheese!

When you do this disastrous combination, I am sure no one would be suspicious of this act and everyone would fall for mayo being the Oreo cream. Ha-ha, little do they know, what they are falling into.

6. The Nike Loaf-ers:

A classic prank that can-do wonders, if it is done right. We know the craze the people have with branded shoes these days and loafers are mostly being the center of attention everywhere. So, all you have to do is ask someone to lend you their empty Nike shoe box because that’s the only branded thing you need to pull off this prank.

Get yourself some bread loaves and cut the middle part out in order to shape them like loafers and taddaa, there you have it – a branded loafers that aren’t expensive at all and can definitely save the day as well. This prank would be even great if someone is expecting shoes from you or someone who is in love with the brand Nike. 

The Final Verdict:

Christmas is the best time of the year and I like this holiday so much because it actually gives us the time to bond together and stuff. Since we all have a little spark of fun in our minds, we can make this holiday even better and memorable for everyone who witnesses our crazy and amazing and very best pranks.

Let’s make the world a better place by making people smile, even if it is out of embarrassment because if I had it my way, I would sell pranks in form of happiness and laughter. So, let’s all stand together in these tough times and make this Christmas better for us and the person who is getting duped – because there is nothing better than seeing the helpless reaction of the person who is getting pranked on Christmas.

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