25 Funny Pranks Gags and Practical Jokes

Carrying out Funny Pranks Gags and Practical jokes makes the mischievous and naughty people inside us feel good. There is nothing funnier than spending hours on end researching and executing the perfect prank.  When it is done correctly, the impact on the recipient will be a memory for life in terms of laughs and giggles

We definitely don’t advise hurting anyone or totally destroying or damaging anyone’s property, but if you love pulling funny pranks on people then we definitely recommend playing these 25 gags on your friends, family and co workers

Turn your coworker’s keyboard into a beautiful grass garden

Image credits: wetwebwork

Add an air horn to the back of someones door

Image credits: projectoffset

Use to beauty of color to turn their windshield into a rainbow

* Funny pranks gags and practical jokes can sometimes be dangerous. We don’t recommend actually doing it.

(Source: helmutsmits.nl)

Get them to drink water the unique way

Source: thumbpress.com

Pull the febreze tie and let the carnage flow !

Image credits: unknown

Give their technology a beautiful upgrade

Source: prank.im

Create a loop of trolleys – what a funny prank

Source: prank.im

Turn yourself into a seat.

Source: imgur

Paint soap with clear nail polish and leave it in the shower

Source: ladycreate-a-lot.blogspot.com

cover their office with fake rats !

Source: lolpranks.com

Add a frightening air horn to someones seat #funny pranks

Source: imgur

When nightmares become reality

Source: www.instructables.com

Destroy the taste of every Pringles piece like this little girl did:

Source: reddit

When funny pranks gives some surprise lubrication

Source: imgur

When someone loves themselves too much

Image credits: shock6906

Use toothpaste to give some oreos a minty taste

*  Consider trying  mayonnaise as a different alternative! #funny pranks

(Source: mrsfields.com)

Ensure sure they read the morning newspaper

Source: sperone.free.fr

Happy balloon party

Image credits: williebeth

Make their car bright and shiney (with sticky notes)

Image credits: unknown

make some mayo filled doughnuts

Image credits: unknown

give them a soggy brown present

Image credits: unknown

Add cotton wool to water and away you go!

Image credits: unknown

Funny Pranks – Caramel Onions! mmmm Nice!!!

Image credits: 12

Make sure their car is ready for any emergency deliveries

Image credits: Steven Stehling

Offer them a cup of water (or two or several thousand)

Image credits: unknown

Make them a delicious Jello Keyboard and Mouse – Now you can carry out funny pranks gags and practical jokes you can actually eat.

Image credits: jjan9

Image credits: Cole Eweret


If you loved these funny pranks gags and practical jokes then don’t forget to try them out on your friends, family and co-workers.


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