15 Reasons To Never Fall Asleep Drunk In Front Of Your Friends

Every weekend is pretty much the same story: drinks, parties, friends and games, all of which make a great combination to really relax and enjoy the night… but sometimes, this carefree attitude can result in serious consequences, especially if your friends are the ‘prankster’ type. Just to show you how dangerous it is to fall asleep when drunk in the presence of your friends, we’ve selected 15 hilarious photos of poor guys who decided to fall asleep drunk after getting wasted, and got pranked pretty bad by their peers. Just remember, if you’re at a party and start getting tired… CALL A TAXI.

#1 The Formal Drunkard

This fella below committed the mistake of falling asleep drunk after doing a hell of a lot of tequila shots, and look what happened to him. He’s now dressed in a smart suit, complete with a fancy red bow tie. It’s the most dapper he’s ever looked! We wonder how long it’ll take for him to scrub this off. SleepingDrunk1

 #2 The Pink Bunny

After a long night drinking, laughing and having fun, this cool dude will wake up looking like a super-cute bunny princess. That’s what you get when you have the best and most loyal friends in the world! So sweet.

 #3 The Black Face

We are still wondering how drunk you actually have to be to not feel anything as your friends cover your entire face in black marker pen. The funniest part is, imagine if he left the house without realizing anything was different, and spent the whole day like this. He-he.

 #4 The Silver Tape Guy

HOW did this guy not feel a thing?! An entire roll of duct tape was probably used in the making of this silver gem. And today, the Most Drunk Award goes to you! Good luck going to the bathroom, buddy. SleepingDrunk4

 #5 The Rolls Prank

When you’re doing some technical or complex course at college, like Physics or Mathematics, for example, your classmates tend to be very intelligent… and, their drunk pranks are pretty clever, too. Some legendary folks decided to transform their passed out friends’ rolls into a pair of t*ts. We salute you, geeks of the world. #falling asleep drunk

 #6 The Sofa Trap

Imagine how difficult it must’ve been for this poor fella to escape from this sofa trap the morning after. Worse than this, he probably had several strong urges to puke or use the bathroom urgently, but… it wasn’t possible! The owners of this sofa probably weren’t best pleased, to say the least.

 #7 In Bed Forever

For those of you who wish you didn’t have to get out of bed in the morning, your desire has been granted. All you need to do is get sh*tfaced and pass out, and you’ll get to spend as long as you want in bed! Just make sure you have someone ready and willing to cut open the plastic, otherwise we might have a problem. SleepingDrunk7

#8 The Drunk Circus

Not everyone will try to stick you to the sofa or cover your body in marker pen when you fall asleep drunk. Some people might just want to use you to try out some circus tricks, like juggling as much beer cans as they possibly can… on your head! You’ve got it lucky compared to the others, girl.

 #9 The Evidence

This is the crime scene of someone who drunkenly fell asleep in the presence of terrible friends, and this is what happened. Well, we’ve gotta give it to ’em… it’s definitely creative! SleepingDrunk9

 #10 Two Faces

Some Batman fans decided to prove their love of the villain by transforming their wasted friend into ‘Two Faces’. Artsy!

#11 The Amazing Spider Man

We can’t quite figure out if this is actually real, but we’re guessing it probably is. In that case, we’d like to say a huge congratulations to his friends from the bottom of our cruel, cruel hearts. The funniest part is how everyone looks so casual underneath him, like they’ve totally forgotten about their poor friend stuck on the ceiling. Well, the joke’s on them if he starts throwing up… SleepingDrunk12

 #12 The Plastic Friend

This dude looks pretty chill, relaxing in his bodysuit and Mexican hat. But when he wakes up the next day, we don’t think it’s likely that he’ll keep his cool when he can’t escape from the plastic. SleepingDrunk13

 #13 On Top Of The Party

This guy below hit the top of the party, after falling asleep drunk, literally. Let’s just hope he doesn’t roll over and gets a rude awakening with a smack on the floor. Otherwise, we can see it being a looong hangover…

 #14 The Cat Face

He looks a little bit like Zach Galifianakis (from “The Hangover”, ironically…) especially when he see him in this hilarious situation. It’s definitely gonna be a long day for this guy, having to get all the pen off his body. Bad luck for him if it’s permanent.

 #15 Heavy Morning

He looks so comfortable! There’s nothing quite like finding a comfortable place to sleep after a long night hitting the booze. Imagine his reaction when he wakes up underneath all this… If you loved these friends who decided to fall asleep drunk, them share our post below or comment with your best pictures   Sourced from boredbug.com
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