Feeling Mischievous During October? Then Check Out The Best Halloween Pranks Ever.

Here at prankalot we love a good practical joke, you know.the type of funny prank that makes your sides hurt from laughing so much.  So we have put together for you the best best Halloween pranks ever to try out on your friends, family and co workers. Now some of these are fun, some of them are scary, but most of them are just downright cruel and petrifying.  So when you get these pranks set up, be sure to have your phone or tablet recording the incident to keep for prosperity and to remind them of the embarrassment at every opportunity.  Don’t forget, let us know in the comments if you have managed to pull off one of these funny practical jokes.

So ladies and Gentleman. We bring you the Best Halloween Pranks Ever

1. The Dementor Drone Prank

The Best Halloween Pranks Ever. 

If you own a drone then this is the perfect prank to play at Halloween, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one.  Why not attach a Dementor costume to it and fly it across the sky? this prank works well when it is not quite dark, you know? that eerie dusk time when all of the witches start to appear.  Check out these dementor costumes below.

2. Scary Peeper Window Prank

best Halloween pranks ever

Now if you are really looking to terrify a loved one then check out the scary peeper. This is by far one of the best Halloween pranks ever, as not only does it look really scary from behind a window. but the eyes will follow whoever is moving around in from of them.  Don’t believe us? Then check out this video below.

Check out the latest prices for the scary peeper prank below

Clown Peeper Window Prank

So we haven’t forgotten the coulrophobics.  The irrational fear of clowns. Check out the same model in spooky clown format

4. Fake Body Parts Prank

If you are feeling really naughty and mischievous then why not attach fake severed body parts to random objects around the house.

The fake head in the refrigerator prank 

The fake severed arm prank

best halloween pranks ever

Fake eyeballs Prank

best halloween pranks ever

5.Pumpkins In The Car Prank

best halloween pranks ever

Who can’t resist trying to cram as many pumpkins into a friends car as possible? Both completely immature and hilarious at the same time.

6. Fake Cockroaches Prank

best halloween pranks ever

Why not convince your nearest and dearest that there has been an invasion of cockroaches into your home.  Attache these to an entrance to an air vent, a door or a window and see them jump out of their skin.  They are really inexpensive to buy, but the possibilities are endless.  Check them out below.

7. The Dead Bodies Prank

best halloween pranks ever

Imagine how much fun it would be convincing your neighbours and trick or treaters that you have a load of wrapped up dead bodies in your house or front garden.  This prank works best when you also dig a shallow grave next to it.

We hope you likes the best Halloween pranks ever! If we have missed any, then don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below! 

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