The Best Pranks to Play at School

The Best Pranks to Play at School

School can be boring at times, in fact, it can be so boring that what you really need is a good, old fashioned prank to spice things up a bit. That is where Prankalot comes in. We have all the best guides for pranking anyone and everyone and this one is no exception. Just read below and find some of the The Best Pranks to Play at School

1. A Left Handed Pencil

Left Handed Pencil Prank

This may seem innocent and to a certain extent it is. However, the consequences of this prank truly are hilarious and will have the whole class in uproar. As the name would suggest, this prank only involves a left handed pencil, yes there is such a thing, and some sneak. Firstly, you need to find someone who is not left handed- if you make this mistake then the prank will fail miserably. Once you have found a right-handed person, swap their current pencil for a left handed pencil- your victim could be a friend or a teacher if you want extra laughs. Then, simply step back and watch them struggle to do the most basic of things.

2. Fake Register

Fake School Register Prank

At some point in your school day, you will need to sign a register. Often times, the teacher will call out the names on the register and tick them off. For this prank, you will need to compile a fake register and find a substitute or a new teacher- this is vital because a teacher that knows who you are will be able to sniff out the prank. You will have to be quick because you will need to sneak the changes register onto your teachers table before they come in and hide the actual one. Then, some acting is required, just sit in your seats and make sure you know what your fake name is before replying. It’s as simple as that.

3. The Mouse and the Sticker

Mouse Prank

For this one, all you need is a teacher’s computer mouse and a reasonably sized sticker. A mouse works by using a laser on the bottom of the mouse to register movement and give the mouse some life. However, if you cover that laser up then the mouse does not know what to do and nor does the user. This is exactly what you are going to do to your teacher. Just sneak into their office or classroom when they are not around and plant the sticker over the laser. Next time they go to use their mouse it will mysteriously not work, with nothing linking you to the crime. one of  The Best Pranks to Play at School of all time 

4. Many’a Cup of Water

Cups Of Water Pranks

This prank is one of the most inconvenient and should definitely be tried at least once when at school. This prank will take ages to clean up and is sure to bring you some laughs. The only thing you need is many, many cups and a lot of water.  You will need to fill up these cups to the brim with water and place these cups in a hallway or a classroom- however, they must be placed in such a way that they are only a few inches apart. That means that no one can walk through them and if one falls over then they all go over. This is a nightmare to clean up, and therefore, the perfect prank.

5. Tricky Business

School Photo Prank

This prank is named the way it is because it involves using a huge number of business cards. You can buy these online for just a couple of pounds, but most importantly, you can customize them with zero extra cost. What you’re going to want for this prank is to customize each and every one with the year of you leaving school. Once you have them, you are going to want to hide them all around the school- the more the better for this. For years and years after that event, people who go to that school will be finding business cards with your year on them. Now that is something to be remembered by.

6. A Little at A Time

Screws Prank

Doing something slowly and gradually is the best way to hide it. This is exactly what this prank is based on. Alongside this, it is best to get together a group of friends to help you with this because it may take a while. What you need to do is get together some screwdrivers and over the course of a couple of months, unscrew everything that you can. Like we said, this may take a while so having a group of buddies to help will make this easier. This by itself is annoying enough, however, if you wanted to make it even more annoying, you could send all of the screws back to the school with no explanation. A good little calling card.

7. A Giant Present

Room gift wrapped prank

There is no mystic meaning behind this prank and it is exactly as it sounds. You and some friends are going to turn the entire classroom into a mass of presents. Now, when we say everything, we mean everything. Everything from desks, all the way down to individual pens. Please note, this will take a while so it best to do this at night or with a lot of help. The consequences of this are clear, a very confused teacher walks into the room the next day to find literally everything covered head to toe in wrapping paper, they will then spend the next hour unwrapping everything. As far as pranks go, Prankalot are pretty proud of this one.

8. The Mariachi Followers

Mariachi Band Prank

It is always annoying when someone follows you, it is even more annoying when they are playing loud Mariachi music at the same time. So, why not hire such a band to follow a teacher or your head teacher for a day. Sadly, Prankalot cannot quote you prices for hiring a Mariachi band, however, if everyone in the year or the class chips in then you can be sure to be able to afford the best quality band for your day. This is a great creative prank and something that is perfect no matter the event or the time of year.

9. What Goes Up Does Not Always Come Down

Cow Prank

This is a rather cryptic title, however, the premise behind this prank is hilarious. Cows can walk upstairs but cannot walk down stairs- this is because of the way their joints work. I am sure that you already know what we are about to say here but, if you can tempt a cow up the stairs at your school, then there is no obvious way to get the cow down. This makes for an even better prank if one of your classmates is a farmer and has a cow, although, we do understand that this may be available so for a fee you could rent the cow. This one has a particularly good title so we would recommend trying this at some point.

10. Secret Nightclub

Secret Nightclub Prank

Normally loud music and alcohol is not allowed in school and you can pretty much guarantee that you will be kicked out if they school catch you with either of these two. However, why not double down on this and set up a nightclub inside your school. For this you are going to need a large open space to house your new nightclub. Alongside this, you will need some loud speakers, some dark blinds and some drinks assuming that you are old enough. Then, once everyone has left school that afternoon, just set everything up and dance away.

11. Lots of Watermelon

Watermelon Prank

Much like the business card prank this one involves putting a huge number of watermelons all around the school. Except, you don’t hide them. If everyone brings in two watermelons each, costing around £5, then you will have hundreds of watermelons, maybe even thousands. Then you just put them around the place. Everywhere that could house a watermelon should get a watermelon- it is only fair. This prank will take ages to clean up and will result in someone having so many watermelons they will not know what to do with them.

12. Operation Catfish

Catfish Prank

This prank is perhaps the most ingenious of all, this prank is exactly like it sounds- a catfish. For this to work and to work well, you are going to need to really sell it. This requires a lot of gossip and for the teachers to hear about it as well. It must seem like there is something big happening on a certain day in which every student is involved and there will be chaos. Then when the day comes around, nothing. Operation catfish has been a success. A truly revolutionary prank.

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