Funny Pranks To Play During Lockdown

Funny Pranks To Play During Lockdown

As the weeks pass by and the same boring days are repeated over and over again, the need for some light comedy becomes more and more clear. However, in times such as these, dad jokes and bad puns are running out and you are in desperate need for something fresh. That is where we come in. Pranks and practical jokes are exactly the medicine (excuse the pun) needed to remedy the boredom of seemingly endless quarantine. So read below and take notes, because the devil is in the detail.

1. A Simple Switcheroo

hot sauce prank

This funny prank is very simple and only requires you switching some common household food items that look very similar but are in fact very different. Take yoghurt and mayonnaise, both of these foods look very similar and yet taste very different. In fact, they are so different that one might add honey to yogurt and put mayonnaise on a sandwich. Now, image the carnage that would ensue if you switched the two… All it would take is the skilful use of a knife and two different pots- one for the fake mayo and one for the fake yoghurt. It is as simple as that. Next time a family member goes to use either, just sit back and enjoy the chaos. Although, it should be noted that the pranker should not get this muddles around.

2. “There’s a Snake in My Boot”

snake in trunk

This prank is named that way because that is exactly what you do. Imagine the shock and horror of having a snake attached to you. All of this only requires three things: a plastic snake, a length of string and an ability to tie that string. Now, find an unsuspecting family member or friend and find a bag or jacket that they wear very often. Inside the bag or a large pocket of the jacket, attach the snake using the piece of string. Then simply wait. When that person picks up their bag or jacket out will fall a snake that will continue to chase them around.

3. Leave em’ Hanging

water prank

This is a prank that requires a little bit of preparation and a little bit of acting, but if you can get this right then this prank is legendary. For this, you need a cup full of water (preferably a plastic cup, this will become obvious later) and a broom. To start you need to fill the plastic cup with water and have it so the bottom is facing down while the top is pressed against the ceiling. Then hold the cup in place with the broom handle and call a friend or family member to come and help you with an imaginary task (this is where the acting comes in). Then, without thinking, ask them to hold the end of the broom handle supporting the cup of water. Now, simple walk off. They are powerless with no easy way to get the cup down.

4. Anything with Food Dye

Food dye is a marvellous invention and something that can very clearly be utilised in any kind of prank scenario. In fact, food dye is so useful that it can be used in both food and things like hair products like shampoo- the same prank can be used with both food and shampoo. Simply find a bowl a friend or family uses a lot or their favourite shampoo and put a couple of drops of food dye in the bowl or shampoo. Then when they add anything to the bowl (this works especially well is that item is a liquid) or use the shampoo, the colour will be something crazy. This will definitely give your victim a shock and you a lot of laughs with no adverse consequences.

5. The Old Ones Are the Best

However, in a world of modern technology that is often far too confusing to keep up with. That is why the old pranks are often the best ones- pranks such as a fake spider. Many people will have such a thing anyway and even if you do not, then simply order one with online and in 3-5 business days you will have your source of endless fun. Now that you have your fake spider, simply find a friend or family member who is terrified of said spider and place the spider in a place that they will easily find it. Wait and enjoy the terrified screams that will follow upon discovery of the enormous plastic spider.

6. Lots and Lots of Silly String

Thanks to the wonders of Ecommerce, you can purchase many cans of silly string for a meagre price. Now, silly string has a wide range of real world applications- one of which is to prank people. Silly string makes for the kind of prank that truly encompasses everything, you can cover a person in silly string or someone’s car or even someone’s favourite food. This is such a simple prank that it really does not need explaining. Get yourself some silly string and a few accomplices and either hide and surprise the person you are pranking or just cover the object before the victim could notice.  After that, just watch the carnage.

7. Lots and Lots of Eggs

eggs pranks

Eggs have been a go to for any kind of  funny pranks and therefore it had to go on this list. Eggs are a great harmless way to prank someone and much like the silly string prank they can be done on both a person or something like a car. Again, much like silly string, eggs are very cheap to buy and so make for a great economical prank. Simply find some accomplices and arm yourself with a decent number of eggs. Then proceed to throw the eggs at the target until you run out of ammunition or until they beg for mercy- whichever comes first.

8. Some Slime

Slime is another of those items that every prankster should have in their arsenal. Slime is a multipurpose pranking item and is something that, once bought, will give you access to a huge number of pranks. These pranks can be as simple as just throwing the slime from a bedroom window at an unsuspecting victim or as complex as hiding the slime under a chair and waiting for someone to sit on the chair.  Much like the above options on this list, slime is very cheap and is harmless and so makes for a prank that is fun in every way.

9. A Good Old Fashioned Scare

Sometimes something even more simple and even cheaper is required to give someone a really good lockdown prank. Maybe you do not have the money to spend on a prank, or you think that some of them are too impractical for use in your home. If that is the case, then this prank is definitely for you. Ideally for a scaring prank, you would have some kind of mask like a werewolf mask or a zombie mask, however, it is certainly not essential and the effect can be replicated without a mask. Now, for the actual scaring, for this a big shout will work best and a good hiding place is also worth it.

10. A Little Bit of Hair Dye

hair dye prank

Now, before I explain this lockdown prank, it should be noted that you should only try and attempt this prank if the person you are pranking will be ok with having their hair dyed a ridiculous colour. If they are not then this is probably not the prank for you, however, if you can find someone who does not mind a bit of dye then listen up. Firstly, you need to find a colour that is suitable- pink, purple or green are all good examples. Then you need a way to get it onto their head- shampoo or conditioner are both good examples. Finally, simply step back and wait until your unknowing victim takes a shower and wait for the shock and horror at the prospect of doing their daily walks with orange hair.  

11. The Finessed Invisibility Prank

invisibility prank

This prank is really for those who are experienced in the world of pranking and who have plenty of experience to draw upon. This prank takes a lot of selling and essentially requires you to try and convince someone they are invisible- because of the ridiculousness of this prank it may only work on children. The set up for this prank is quite flexible and can be done in a number of different ways, however, you have to convince someone that by doing something (like placing a towel over them), they will become invisible. Once you have convinced them of this, make them invisible and let the acting begin. The whole time your victim is invisible you will need to pretend that they are so. Have fun.

If you tried any of these funny pranks during lockdown then let us know. Make sure to check out Prankalot for more pranking content to bring you fun and excitement lockdown or not.

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