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Shocking Lighter Prank

Gag gift Lighter
Shocks you when you press the clicker to light


Shocking Lighter Prank


If you are looking for the perfect prank to get someone to give up smoking then here you go. This Shocking Lighter Prank is designed to give a real poop your pants shock to anyone that tries to use use.  We recommend that you try this on your friends and family as opposed to a complete stranger as the shock is likely to get you a punch in the face, but it will make the perfect gift for someone if you love practical jokes and pranking.  The product does not produce a flame, thankfully as the shock would probably cause their hair to go up like a roman candle and char their eyebrows beyond recognition.

So if you know that there is a Birthday coming up or  Holiday season is upon you then this is the perfect gift to get fits and giggles.  Oh and don’t forget to film the shocking lighter prank and post it straight onto social media to complete the prank.

The Brief Version

Shocking Lighter – Gag Gift Novelty Shock Lighter This is a novelty shocking lighter and is not designed to produce a flame.  Gag gift Lighter
Shocks you when you press the clicker to light
Hysterically funny for the person who gives you the lighter!
Not so funny for the person with the lighter!

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