40 Best April Fools  Pranks Your Kids Won’t See Coming


April 1st is just around the corner, and how better to celebrate it by driving your kids mad for a change. Welcome to the 40 best April fools pranks to play on your kids

#1. There’s no reason to cry over spilt milk… even if it’s on your kid’s $2000 macbook


Make a milky white “splatter” with glue and soap.


#2. Prank grilled cheese — the not so comfortable comfort food


Make a faux grilled cheese with pound cake and tinted butter frosting.


#3. The sundae and spuds mash up


Imagine your kid’s face when you tell them they can have a sundae for lunch. Then imagine your face when they realize it’s actually a heaping of hot mashed potatoes served with cherries on top.


#4. Tell your new teen driver it’s “just fine”

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Put it under the wipers and watch their panicky reaction.

#5. “Mommm… the food is staring at me!”


Stick googly eyes on food containers and hide behind the kitchen counter. Watch your kid’s petrified screams when he opens the fridge at night.


#6. Bake a pan of brownies


“I’m sorry but did I say brown Es?”

#7. Confuse your kid somewhere down the road


#8. Tell your toddler her feet grew bigger while she was sleeping

Mike Spohr / BuzzFeed

Stuff her shoes with tissue. But she might bug you all day for a new pair.

#9. Molding the prank champions of the future


Smudge green and black markers on sandwich bags to make “molds” #best april fools pranks

#10.”Mommm… the cereal is frozen!”


Well, didn’t it say frosty flakes? Your unsuspecting child didn’t know you put his bowl of cereal in the freezer.

#11. ‘Ketchup’ with the latest prank I’m about to throw you, kid…


Get a string. Tie one end to a sinker, and the put the other end half way through the ketchup bottle. The string squirts up when the bottle is squeezed. Best served with hotdogs.

#12. Stitch their sock up half way, then laugh in their face as they try to get it on

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“Hurry, son. The bus is waiting.”

#13. Chocolate chip cookies have never bean this good.


Because you added black beans instead of chocolate chips.

#14. Put up your house for sale

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Tell your kids you’re moving in to your new house in the North Pole. There is no wifi signal there but at least they get to play with polar bears.

#15. Send them off in a fit of rage with these veggie lollipops


Use broccoli, carrots, and other vegetables your child hates.

#16. Pull another classic honey-the-principal-just-called prank

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It will never go out of style because every child knows he’s skipped a homework or two.

#17. Make caramel apples with no other than — onions


Warning: will surely make them cry but is one of the best april fools pranks ever

#18. “Sorry, honey. Nickelodeon called to say the cartoons will be on vacation.”


Cover the remote’s sensor with a matte adhesive tap. Go ahead and lock the dial to your favorite new channel.

#19. “Mommm… the shampoo won’t pour!”

Mike Spohr / BuzzFeed

“That’s too bad, honey. I used a plastic film to cover the bottle cap — and laugh at you behind the shower curtain.”

#20. It’s egg-sactly vanilla yogurt and halved peach


Every April 1st, Junior will remember life isn’t as peachy as he thought.

#21. “Can you get the mail for me, pretty please?”


With sugar and screams on top.

#22. “Mommm… the milk turned blue!”

“That’s because I’ve put liquid coloring under your cereals, honey. Enjoy!”

#23. “Mommm… even the water is blue!”


“Well, because mommy is a genius and placed dye pellets under the water cap. It’s so fun to see your hands get dirty all over again!”

#24. Chicken pie with jelly bean filling


Use jelly candies and vanilla pudding to make a pleasant surprise in every bite

#25. Be the cereal killer by switching to bags of breakfast cereals

Tara Whitsitt / Flickr: hyper-cleats / Via Creative Commons

Cover your tracks by putting the cereal bags in wrong cartons.

#26. Mess up your kid’s trackpad or mouse settings

Flickr: eirikso / Via Creative Commons

Confuse your kid by flipping the trackpad to scroll in the opposite direction. Just find your way around the computer’s Control Panel… and enjoy.

#27. Take a screenshot of your tablet’s home screen or computer’s desktop, and leave it up full screen.

Mike Spohr / BuzzFeed

Watch her get confused when the screen won’t swipe.

#28. The very frustrating dollar prank


Money can’t buy happiness — only pranks as good as this one.

#29. “Lunch” a surprise attack


#30. Surprise jelly juice


Put Jell-o in a glass, serve with straw. Have a camera ready when they take their first sip.

#31. Another milk prank — this time, served in a glass


Add gelatin powder to a glass of hot milk. Once the gelatin mixture settles, you’re ready for some fun.

#32. Glaze a bar of soap with colorless nail polish.


Your child will go nuts while trying to figure out why the soap isn’t lathering.

#33. Switch your kid to another bed while they sleep. They’ll wake up confused.

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 / Via Creative Commons

#34. Wear a wig when you pick up your kids from school. Tell them your hairdresser went wild and gave you new pink hair.

DJ Camoacho / Flickr: 99204945@N00 / Via Creative Commons

#35. Have them plant “doughnut seeds” before they leave for school…


And switch the “seeds” with real doughnuts they can harvest in the afternoon.

#36. “Hi, honey. I got you an iPad.”


“Sorry, did I just say ‘eye pad’”?

#37. …. Don’t cry over that iPad. Here’s an iPhone


“Well, darling. Life is a box of chocolates.”

#38. Replace Cheetos with carrot sticks. Don’t forget to reseal

Flickr: akeg / Via Creative Commons

#39. Glue coins on the floor

Flickr: jpstanley / Via Creative Commons

#40. Be the best party popper in town


If you loved the best April fools pranks we have to offer then share our post below, or comment with the best prank that you have done on your kids. 


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