The Best Funny Prank Apps For Your Phone

Let’s admit it, whoopie cushions and fart spray still have their place in the all time funny pranks.  However, it is now 2018 and your pranks need to come up to date with the times. As you would expect, your phone, and some clever  app developers are here to help you out.So we give you the best funny prank apps to help you get some great laughs at your friends expense.


Do you wish you could capture your friend’s petrified reaction to your funny pranks?  but you don’t have a camera crew to constantly film it?  lucky for you, the “Scary Prank” has got it covered. Tell your friends that you’re playing the new “must have” game, (think Angry Birds, 2049, etc.) You can then hand your phone over to them to have go. It will at first appear to be an amazing new game but it unexpectedly flash a scary image, totally freaking them out. And the best part of the devilishly funny prank is?  Your front camera is filming them the whole time!


What is more annoying and gut wrenchingly sad than dropping your phone concrete? That fearfull moment you have to turn it over to see the damage done. Think how funny it would be to give someone that gut wrenching feeling? Then the  “Crack & Break it” app will do this for you. With this app you can add scratches and cracks to any image to prank people into believing the screen smashed beyond all use. Convince your friends that it’s their fault and see their response!
The Best Funny Prank Apps For Your Phone


No, your phone isn’t able to shock someone like a taser gun (Shame really, but this idea is pencilled in for the next iPhone update), but you can use the “Prank Stun Gun” app to convince someone otherwise. Simply grip your phone like you would expect to hold a taser and touch someones body with it- it will make a sound and vibrate like a real taser would, and for just a split second, they will think you tasered them. A funny prank that is guaranteed to get some laughs
The Best Funny Prank Apps For Your Phone


With modern apps like Photoshop, you can make anything look real. But no one wants to drag their computer out for a quick funny prank? the “Dude, Your Car” app gives you a much simpler option. You can simply take a picture of a friend, family or  co-workers car and add scratches, dents, smoke, and more! Then, send it over to your friend to give them fuming out of their ears, and jumping up and down with rage
The Best Funny Prank Apps For Your Phone


This is another funny prank app that uses Photoshop to fool its users.  The“Ghost Lens” makes it possible to copy your own ghost in picture AND video. It’s has awesome features that lets you edit images and videos to have your own ghost spooking in them. The way it works is simple, it takes two photos or videos and layers them, making one transparent and ghost like. Convince your friends that ghosts really do exist!
The Best Funny Prank Apps For Your Phone


This may not seem like a prank app! You may think what a rip-off or I want my money back. However, let us explain why this TV remote app is great for pranks.  Simply download an app that works as a remote for your TV screen, like this one by Optimum. If you have multiple TV sets with a DVR in your house, you are able control any one of them by syncing the app to that box, you are then able to use your phone as a remote. If a friend is watching a program in another room, you can make their set box go crazy. Our idea is to keep altering the volume on the TV. It’s the most subtle way of pranking them, and they’ll just keep thinking that something is wrong until they finally snap. Changing channels really quickly is always fun, too. Trust us. Your friends and family will go insane if it keeps getting done to them.  This is a great funny prank and one that can keep going for a long time.
The Best Funny Prank Apps For Your Phone


Seeing BLUE and RED lights flashing in the rear view mirror is just the worst feeling. Your tummy drops as you think of all of the things you may have done to get pulled over by the cops. But, what if it was all a cunning prank? That would be nasty and cruel right! But also… kind of funny? With the “Epic Police Siren” app, you canmake the driver believe that the cops are tailing them. It even has ultra convincing siren sounds to properly freak them out. Yep, this one is really cruel, but really funny
The Best Funny Prank Apps For Your Phone


Did you realy think we were going to read through this list of funny prank apps without the good old fashioned fart app? Here’s the thing- farts are really funny. You can’t deny it like you can’t deny global warming. So, if you are craving good laugh, download “iFart.”  This is the go to funny prank app for your fake flatulence needs. The funniest feature of this app is the- the “sneak attack” fart timer. Here you can schedule a deliciously sweet fart, simply hide your phone by someone’s chair, and stay far enough away, looking as innocent as possible, when the farty sounds attract the attention of everyone in the office. Nothing beats this hilarious and immature prank


Thankfully, we are not carrying out prank calls on our dodgy old Motorola flip phones these days. Now we have got apps that take this classic funny prank to a whole new level. To completely fool your friends, the “PrankDial” app is the one for you. Here you can choose from a massive range of over 150 different funny scenarios, just select a victim to call, and the app then sends the call while you sit back and listen to your prank in action. This app does the job, but it does take the genius away form the standard and classic prank calls. If you’re looking for a funny prank that you can add more creative flare to, app #1 will be the prank app for you.


Hear us out. This isn’t a brand new hot off the shelf app, it’s just your Settings app! And no, we are not crazy! You wouldn’t expect to see this app built directly into your phone, and it is a dream tool for pranksters. If you can get on a victims phone, go to your Settings>General>Keyboard and find Text Replacement. It is here that you can change the words they commonly say to anything you wish. Then get ultra creative with it! Make as many funny text changes as you like. At the end you will end up with one totally hilarious conversation because, as we said, no one expects the Settings app!
Funny Prank Apps

So there you have it! With these 10 funny prank apps, you can be the master prankster without even lifting a lazy finger (from your screen, of course). Now come on  Get Pranking!  You know You Want to 
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