19 Best Christmas Pranks Ever That Will Definately Put You On Santa’s Naughty List

1. Invite your favorite celebrity to your Christmas morning.

best christmas pranks ever

Style up a cardboard cutout of your favorite celebrity ( Steve Buscemi is one that is hard to beat) and leave it by the tree to be discovered at in the morning.

2. Wrap up everything in your refrigerator in Christmas paper

best christmas pranks ever

Turn your Christmas breakfast into a treasure hunt and see how long it takes to find the bacon. This has to be one of the best Christmas pranks ever.

3. Wrap a Christmas gift card or Gift Voucher in a really, really big box.

best christmas pranks

Let your friends think that they have received the best Christmas present ever.

4. Give someone a pair of loafer slippers 

best christmas pranks ever

Give the ultimate gift this Christmas and turn a loaf of bread into a Christmas Loafer

5. One Of The Best Christmas Pranks Ever For Kids 

Best Christmas Pranks Ever

Listen to the screams of your kids, when they wake up to this guy!

6. Do this funny prank to a kid who always wakes up on Christmas morning desperate to sprint to the tree.

best christmas prank ever

This will take loads of time to do? But nobody ever said achieving the best Christmas pranks ever was easy.

7. This one is for the parents who get up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning. Prank them by wrapping the coffee machine. 

best christmas pranks ever

“Coffee. I reallyneed coffee… NOOOOOO!”

8. Just buy the batteries for Christmas 

best christmas pranks ever

The possibilities are endless with this amazing gift. All you need to do is think of what to put them in. #best christmas pranks ever

9. A present for the geeks and the unlucky people.

best christmas pranks ever

 For all of the people that may be caught short during your time of please, break this glass for immediate contraception. The perfect gift for geeks.

10. Troll anyone who has Beats by Dre on their wishlist.

best christmas pranks ever

 If your friend loves beats! then this is one of the best Christmas pranks ever

11. Replace all of the chocolates in a box of Ferrero Rocher with delicious Brussels sprouts.

best christmas pranks ever

 For all of those people that love chocolates but hate sprouts

12. Prank your space obsessed friends by giving them this collectable moon rock.

best christmas pranks ever

For extra pranking points let it slip a few days early that you got them some genuine authentic moon rock. just to build up the anticipation and add some extra fun. Get it here for $9.99.

13. Prank your community with a vision of you hanging of the roof 

best christmas pranks ever

Who ever thought that a dummy in old clothes could be so much fun. The perfect formula for one of the best christmas pranks ever is

Christmas lights x a ladder = pranking glory.

14. This funny hungry snowman is sure to get a laugh

best christmas pranks ever

 #Best Christmas pranks ever

15. The impossible gift opening prank 

best chtristmas gifts ever

And FOUR hours later: “A CD? All of that hard work for a CD?”

16. Give a gift that takes a person on an emotional roller coaster.

best christmas pranks ever

 Watch their faces if they think that they are about to get the worst Christmas present ever. When in fact you have pulled one of the best Christmas pranks ever and have a better gift inside.

17. Write your gift tages “from Satan” instead of “from Santa” 

best christmas pranks ever

The perfect prank  for the easily offended members of your family.

18. Put googly eyes on family portraits and then wait for someone to notice.

best christmas pranks ever

This is a funny prank, especially when you have lots of people coming over for Christmas.

19. Give the gaming kid in your life this “Extreme Chores” video game.

best christmas pranks ever

This hilarious prank is actually just a gift box that you can put a kid’s REAL gift inside.  Get it below now and see the look on their faces when they open it.


We hope you liked the best christmas pranks ever. Share your best prank ideas with us below in the comments section

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