Tire Cockz – Glow In The Dark


Are You looking For The Perfect Prank ? Then Check Out Tire Cockz

The perfect practical joke to play on friends or co workers.  These glow in the dark penis shaped value caps fit perfectly onto car tire values or off road vehicle tires.

Or if you are the cool and confident type, then put them on your own car, safe in the knowledge that everyone that sees them will either be laughing with you or at you.

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You may have though you had a great prank but with this? Oh man, let the fun begin!!!

What you get is four blue style glow in the dark plus two stickers, and one purple & black Tirecockz plus free shipping!  There are also may other colours available on the etsy page.

This mini penis can screw on to any Schrader style valve stem (most common valve stem in car tires and as well as off road vehicles)

The tire cockz are printed in high quality ABS plastic but the really cool thing about the design is that this material glows blue in the dark!!!

The mini penis size is 0.5″ shaft with 1.625″ length with 0.625″ balls. Please see the image for the scale.

Visit the Etsy page to see the rest of the Tire Cockz Range.  We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.  

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