Talking Donald Trump Predictor

The Talking Donald Trump Predictor

Let the president of the united states of America predict your future with this hilarious take on the 8 ball.  Ask him a Yes or No question and he will answer in his own voice along with some creepy background music.

A perfect gift for any trump lover or hater

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Talking Donald Trump Predictor

talking donald trump predictor

Are you looking for a fun and different adult novelty gift?  Well look no further my friends.  Now you can get your very own Donald trump predictor.  Ask him Yes or No questions and he will reveal your destiny

  • LET THE TALKING DONALD TRUMP PREDICT YOUR FUTURE: Just like a magic 8 ball, this will answer you in his voice 
  • ASK THE PRESIDENT  YES or NO QUESTION & HE’LL SPEAK THE ANSWER – with 25 possible affirmative, negative, or non-committal style answers. This will make the perfect gift for any trump lover.  Or Hater. Batteries are included
  • THIS ALSO PLAYS SPOOKY MUSIC, LIGHTS UP & TALKS – President Predictor is not your standard magic ball. As you wait to hear his spooky answer, the mystical LED lights dance to  creepy music & haunting background sound effects. If you want to truly embrace the moment, turn off the lights in room & get ready to experience something truly supernatural… ask him if you dare!

Want to see more of the talking Donald Trump predictor?  See this video below

This product comes in a  just 3.6″ tall and 3.8″ in diameter it’s so small that you can even carry it around with you, in case you want to have any on the spot predictions.  So what are you waiting for?  Check out the latest price of the talking Donald Trump Predictor now! 

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