Hide A Poo Prank Box

Hide a Poo Prank Box

This gift is a complete prank, the real gift is hidden inside, but convince the recipient that they have received a poop covering device.

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Looking For The Ultimate Practical Joke? The Check Out Hide A Poo

Are you looking for the ultimate prank to play on your friends and family?  Do they love pets? Then the Hide A Poo is the gag you have been waiting for.  Wrap this box up and see the faces of the receiver when they realise that you have bought them a device to cover their pets excrement in the garden or out and about.  The box is styled to make the product look completely believable. But what they don’t realise is that the real gift is hidden inside the box.

Convince the recipient that you can het a number of different colours including,

  • Winter Snow Chunk
  • Autumn Leaf Pile
  • Spring Mini Shrub

The box is big enough to hide any medium side gift, and when they begin to open it they will start to see the words pranked on the inner part of the box. This product is part of the Prank box category. Here you will find a whole range of prank boxes designed to catch out anyone during Christmas or Birthday celebrations .  So click here to see more of these.

Are you looking to buy the Hide A Poo Prank Box? Then check out the latest price below

Exercise Prank


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