Bone Cracker Prank


Bone Cracking Prank

Perfect for convincing friends or family member that bones have been broken

Realistic cracking sound

Perfect for pranking

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Have Fun With The Bone Cracker Prank

bone cracking prank

If you have ever heard someone breaking a bone before you will know how cringeworthy it is. The sound sends shivers through your spine and make your quiver like a little girl. So this bone cracker prank is the best practical joke for convincing a friend or family member that you need a trip to the emergency room.

What can it be used for?

Some of the ideas that we have come up with include

Fun at school.  Convince your teacher that you have broken a bone in the classroom

Fun at the doctors – Go for a perfectly route appointment. But when you get up wince in pain as you activate the limb cracker

Fun with your baby brother or sister – Hide this in your hand when you hold your little sibling for the first time. Then when all of your family are looking at you cuddle it, click away.  CAUTION IS RECOMMENDED WITH THIS ONE THOUGH

The cracking sound is so realistic you will convince anyone that you bones, or the bones of the prank victim are as soft as cheese.  Check out the latest price and availability of the bone cracker prank below


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